FEC101 Feb 28, 2014

101 by mp2'16 at 7:38 with 102, 708 , 713 and nice toots from the crew.  All IM with simply too dark to be sure of anything,  but think there was two Ashley's.  Best for a cold, windy and totally dark night.
Anita caboose

FEC101 Feb 28, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 28, 2014

202 by mp216 at 6:35 with great toots from Ray at my fusees.  What a different 202 this evening.  IM,  racks and freight.  Unusual to see UPS.  A straight heavy duty yellow flat car with extra trucks.  On a cool and breezy evening.  Also hearing chucks will widow in the woods.  Love to hear them.
Anita caboose

FEC202 Feb 28, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 27, 2014

202by mp216 at 6:03 with 102, 708 & 704.  Crew with toots and waving white out the cab to
my fusees.  Rock,  IM, freight, tanks and racks.  Cool with rain this evening.  Nice weekend Jim.
Anita caboose

FEC202 Feb 27, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 26, 2014

101 by mp216 at 5:47 with Hertwig 715, 717 & 704 lhf.  Great toots and Jim waving and blowing a big kiss to me and my fusees.  Racks up front with IM, lots of UPS,  double stacks and a new double stack of Dong Fang, but no Ashley.  Front must be coming as windy and cloudy.
Anita caboose

FEC101 Feb 26, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 26, 2014

202 by mp216 at 5:14 with 101 & Hertwig 714 & nice toots from crew. There was rock, IM,  freight,  box,  bulk heads,  center beams and long tail end of new csx coal with one lonely NS not so  new or as quiet.

FEC202 Feb 26, 2014 vid link:

Track inspector running north past Main Street MP214.


FEC101 Feb 25, 2014

101by mp216 at 6:23 with Hertwigs 716, 703 & the 710.  Conan waving at my fusees and all other IM with business cars on the rear.  Saw no lights or people as I lit more fusees for Azalea and Saint Aug.

Anita back from mumsies for the weekend.

FEC101 Feb 25, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 24, 2014

719,717,704LHF past FEC Vero depot.
EoT past MP228 at 5:54PM.

FEC101 Feb 24, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 23, 2014

Through the darkness to the Junction after the swap at Micco.

FEC202 Feb 23, 2014

Through the darkness to the swap at Micco.

RIDGE LINES Feb 23, 2014


 A ride on the Ridge Lines during the 2014 Winter Meet.

FEC202 Feb 20, 2014

202by mp216 at 5:11 with 101, 709 & 140. ECH waving from the cab and yelling happy birthday to me in person this evening.  Jim toots at my fusees and waving away.  Rock up front,  some IM,  tanks through out,  bulk heads, freight, center beams and box cars. Very nice evening with some wind and clear blue sky. Hoping the weather conditions stay like this for Caboose at Ridge for a fun meet.  Going to check on 101 and decide if I will wait. 

Anita and waving thanks to all for the wishes. 

FEC101 Feb 19, 2014

101by mp216 at 7:33 with Hertwigs 715, 714 & 711 lhf.  ECH out and waving the blue light with Jim toots at my fusees.  Long IM with one Ashley up front.  Lots of Yrc and Ups at dark thirty. Off to Marsh for good food. 

Anita caboose

FEC411 Feb 19, 2014

Folks, we have us a Fec Work train at Caboose Junction with Herwig 713 and two gondolas being emptied of concrete cross ties.  Fella with tie crane  is doing a great job,  even picking up the pieces of donnage like toothpicks.   Just finished lunch and saw the lights as crossing the tracks.  Fun and a change of pace.  They are heading north to meet 920 at Micco at 1:59.


FEC Work Extra 411 delivering concrete cross ties to the Junction. PART 2.

FEC Work Extra 411 delivering concrete cross ties to the Junction. PART 1.

FEC101 Feb 18, 2014

101by mp216 at 5:38 with 104, 103 & 709 and toots from Kevin at my fusees.  Long string of racks and IM and two new Link America's. Another fantastic nite of train watching.

Anita and Caboose

FEC202 Feb 18, 2014

202by mp216 at 4:59 with 142 & 719 and ECH waving from the cab and Jim gives shave and hair cut.  Rock,  IM,  tanks auto racks in the sunshine.  Meet in Micco with 101.

Anita and caboose

FEC101 Feb 17, 2014

101by mp216 at 5:19 with 106, 140 & 412. Jim waving from the cab, toots to my fusees and ECH out and flapping his wings with double white skyward.  Loooong IM train with double stacks up the yang and a bill board for success.  No Brian, no  Ashley's.

Anita w/out Caboose this beautiful evening,  as stuck in a meeting.   Dispatching just said to Jim,  go track speed by FO due to 202 and then resume fuel consumption.  Finally out at 5:36.

FEC202 Feb 16, 2014

202by mp214 with 106 & 141 at 6:58 and ECH toots S & H and Jim waving in near window for my fusees.  Rock,  gons, racks and tanks.  Safe trip fellas.
Anita  caboose

FEC141 Feb 16, 2014

ECH and Jim heading to FOrt Pierce to swap with FEC202. 703,716,717 with billboards in there.
EoT past MP216 at 5:26PM.

FEC141 Feb 16, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 15, 2014

202 by mp216 at 8:03 with 102, 141 & 415.  Lots of rock up front,  IM, racks and tons of tanks.  Some nice toots from crew to .my fusees.
Anita caboose

FEC101 Feb 15, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 15, 2014

101 by mp216 at 7:14 on a brisk, bright moon lit nite with 106 & 140 & Ray ringing the bell,  toots and waving from the cab.  Loads of rock up front,  IM, UPS, with empty wells interspersed and two Ashley's.  Slowing down to meet 202 in Gifford.
Anita caboose

FEC101 Feb 15, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 14, 2014

101 past mp216 at 7:18 with 2 Hertwigs 714, 713 and 709 lhf and auto racks up the ying yang!  IM and nice long train on this beautiful full moon heart day with my fusees and great toots.
Anita caboose

FEC101 Feb 14, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 14, 2014

202 by mp216 at 6:19 with 105 & Hertwig 716 along with toots and waving from crew at my fusees.  Rock,  IM, racks,  bunch of center beams with wake of wind,  tanks,  freight and coal cars.  Palm Bay for meet and a gorgeous full moon rising on this Big Heart Day.
Anita caboose

FEC202 Feb 14, 2014 vid link:

FLORIDA GOLD COASTERS visit cabooseMikey


Hi-rail past Vero Beach depot

FEC track inspector zips across 23rd Street and past the Vero Beach depot on Friday morning Feb 14, 2014.
Hi-rail past MP228 at 10:37am.

Hi-rail past Vero Beach depot vid link:

FEC101 Feb 13, 2014

101  by mp216 at 6:45 with 102 & 141.  Rocks, tanks,  box cars, loaded lumber,  IM double stacks, hoppers, pigs but no Ashley.   Tony toots for my fusees and getting really cold.

FEC101 Feb 13, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 13, 2014

202 by mp216 at 5:48 with 103 & Hertwig 703.  Jim waving white out the cab,  white waving from the middle and S and H with toots for my fusees. Rock up front,  racks,  tanks,  empty bulk heads,  IM all single, freight,   box cars and my baby blue covered hopper to a new Orleans public belt rr box car. Almost full moon and getting chilly.

FEC202 Feb 13, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 12, 2014

101by mp216 at 5:48 with 106 & 140. Jim toots and ECH waving from the tread.  All IM with
lots of double stacks and a deep well on the end with a flag and eot.

FEC101 Feb 12, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 12, 2014

202 by mp216 at 5:28 with 105, 714 & 711. Got to love those Hertwigs!  Rock, 2  coal cars in
with cement tubs,  IM, 2 racks,  3 center  beams, tanks & freight.  Toots from Tony to my
fusees that were hard to light in this wind.

FEC202 Feb 12, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 11, 2014

202 by mp216 at 5:38 with 106 & 140.  ECH with S and H and toots.   Rock,  cement tubs,  tanks,  IM with no double stacks,  more tanks,  freight,  box cars,  covered hoppers and tail end with 4 cars of rusty rail. The end half picked up in FO.
Anita with fusees lit.

FEC202 Feb 11, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 10, 2014

101by mp216 at 5:41 with 717, 709 & 704 lhf.  Nate tooting away with window open and
waving.   ECH out on tread waving double white.  Racks and IM with two Ashley's towards the
rear.  Caboose on top of stool in bed of his pick up.   Meet in FO with 202.
FEC101 Feb 10, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 8, 2014

202 by mp216 at 6:34 with 101 & 104.  Nice toots and Mark waving blue out the cab.  Rock,
tubs, gons, freight and racks.  On a cool and  very windy evening.

FEC202 Feb 8, 2014 vid link:

Fellsmere RR/ TFC TOUR Feb 8,2014

FECRS and Sebastian Area Historical Society tour the ancient FRR for the second
consecutive Saturday. PART 2 takes us to the watershed between Sebastian River and St.
John's River that allowed engineers to drain the land that became Fellsmere.

Fellsmere RR/ TFC TOUR PART 2 vid link:

FECRS and Sebastian Area Historical Society tour the ancient FRR for the second
consecutive Saturday. PART 1 takes us to the FRR crossing of the Hernandez Military Trail
on the TEN MILE RIDGE in the St. John's Buffer Preserve just west of I-95.

Fellsmere RR/ TFC TOUR PART 1 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 7, 2014

101 by mp216 at 6:56 with 708, 715 & 713lhf.  Too dark but saw one Ashley and a blue light in
cab.  Just a tad too cold and windy but we enjoyed.

FEC202 Feb 7, 2014

202 by mp216 at 6:25 with 100 & 142.  Ray blasting toots at my fusees.  No rock but lots of
empty gons, freight,  racks and tanks. No mention of wake as wind blasting from the N&E
ahead of front.

Fec202 Feb 7, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 + 202 Feb 6, 2014

The meet at Micco as FEC101 holds the main track and then FEC202 moves off.
720,714,438LHF taking the hot train south.
EoT past MP209 at 5:34PM.

FEC101 + 202 Feb 6, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 6, 2014

Jim and the ECH heading to Micco for the swap with FEC101 on 102 and 141. String of
TARMAC boxes in there re-lettered for AOK leaving the property.
EoT past MP216 at 4:59PM.

FEC202 Feb 6, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 5, 2014

Jim and the ECH on three yellows 708,709,704LHF with racks and IM.
EoT past MP216 at 6:26PM.

FEC101 Feb 5, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 4, 2014

202 by mp216 at 4:56 with 102 & 141.  ECH waving white out the cab and Jim with toots and s
and h in bright sun.  Rock,  IM, tanks, boxes, center beams and racks.  Meet in Pineda with 101. 
My fusees lit and the wake of the wind seems strongest as the center beams pass.

FEC202 Feb 4, 2014 vid link:

FEC101 Feb 3, 2014

101by mp216 at 5:48 with 100, 720 & 714 lhf. S&h from Jim,  toots and ECH out and waving
double white.  Racks, freight,  IM, lots UPS, ONE purple Fed Ex absent for a year or more and
one Ashley on a balmy evening.

FEC101 Feb 3, 2014 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 1, 2014

202 by mp216 at 7:45 with I think 106, 140 & could not make out the other two.  Mark with blue light on the north bound.  Left a large wake of wind flying by
The Cabeese

FEC101 Feb 1, 2014

101by mp216 at 7:19 with 101& 104.  Ray with lots of toots for my fusees and waving white out the cab.  Good mix of hoppers up front,  IM, oodles UPS, empty wells and three Ashley.  In the dark but great to hear and flash light helped some. 
Anita and Caboose.